What is Sedation Dentistry?

Also known as painless dentistry, sedation dentistry allows patients to have dental work done without fear, anxiety or pain. Many people with a longstanding dental phobia choose sedation dentistry for a relaxed, pleasant experience with the dentist. General and cosmetic dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall offers sedation dentistry for her general dentistry patients in the Philadelphia and Ardmore, Pennsylvania area to help reduce fear of the dentist and increase patients’ overall oral health. Sedation, not Unconsciousness Some people are under the misconception that sedation dentistry involves being placed under general anesthesia. This is not the case. Instead, Dr. Marshall provides a mild sedative pill or nitrous oxide to help you relax and to alleviate your anxiety while your dental work is being done. You will be fully conscious and aware during your visit, but relaxed, calm and in a state some patients describe as dreamlike. Although some dentists do offer general anesthesia for simple dental procedures, this is considered a dangerous practice. General anesthesia has numerous risks and possible side effects. Sedation dentistry allows you to be comfortable and calm during your dental procedures so you have a pain-free experience without the risks. Advantages of Sedation Dentistry In addition to alleviating your tension and anxiety, sedation dentistry has other benefits.

  • Dr. Marshall can perform several procedures in a single visit, if needed
  • Sedation dentistry can help you catch up on work that has been neglected over time
  • Sedation dentistry can help you overcome long-term fear of the dentist

If you have experienced dental phobia in the past and would like to find out more about sedation dentistry in the Ardmore and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, please contact Lindsey Marshall, DMD. We would be happy to schedule an appointment or a consultation to help you leave your fear of the dentist behind forever.

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