Could Migraines Originate in your Mouth?

TMJ disorder Some people who have suffered unruly migraine headaches have been told their problem is all in their head. Of course, this kind of statement stems from a lack of success in identifying an underlying cause for this problem. Not only is it rather uncaring, it may also be missing the mark.

Migraines can be a stressful and debilitating health concern that make it difficult to perform at optimal levels at work and in life. The first inkling of a migraine can cause waves of panic to wash over you, and send you to the nearest cold, dark room. The disruption to quality of life can be immense, which is why migraine sufferers seem to be on a perpetual search for answers. According to research, these answers may be found in the office of a qualified dentist.

Throughout every system in the body, harmony is necessary. For instance, a lack of integrity in the spinal structure can pinch a nerve, causing symptoms such as tingling or pain in a far-off area like the fingers or the leg. When there is a lack of harmony in the mouth, such as malocclusion, an injury, or even restorative dental work, the defects may affect structures throughout the jaw, head, and neck. The primary area in which oral stress can cause problems is in the temporomandibular joints, also known as the TMJs. When these joints, and their correlating tendons, muscles, and vessels, are dysfunctional, a number of uncomfortable symptoms may occur, including migraines.

Knowledge is the Key to Success
TMJ disorder is complex, because oral structure is complex. A dentist trained in neuromuscular science has the extensive knowledge that patients need to accurately identify the source of dysfunction. It is only when this source can be found that a viable treatment protocol can be designed to correct the problem.

TMJ treatment is not always about blunting the force of grinding and clenching, which is the standard of care across many general dentistry practices. With the goal of improving comfort, Dr. Marshall investigates the true cause of TMJ disorder using strategic diagnostic testing. Her training in neuromuscular dentistry makes her a wonderful resource for patients suffering chronic headaches or migraines, as well as other symptoms of TMJ disorder.

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