Losing or Damaging a Porcelain Veneer

Our Philadelphia-area patients who get porcelain veneers are almost always extremely satisfied with the new look of their smile. Porcelain veneers are excellent ways of addressing chipped or cracked teeth and giving you the full, unbroken, photogenic smile you deserve. The bonding process for your porcelain veneers is simple and safe.

One of the most frequent porcelain veneer questions Dr. Lindsey Marshall receives comes from patients who are worried about damaging or losing their new veneers. How careful should you be with your new porcelain veneers? What happens if you damage one or a veneer gets knocked loose and you can’t find it?

First, it’s important to understand that your porcelain veneers are incredibly durable and resilient. Porcelain is quite strong, and the bonding process will make sure your veneers are firmly attached to your teeth.

You shouldn’t worry about your porcelain veneers in your daily life. Eat what you normally eat, brush and floss as you should. Your veneers can handle it all.

That said, accidents happen, and in rare cases a porcelain veneer can get knocked off and then damaged or even lost. If you can find the veneer, hold on to it, make an appointment with Dr. Marshall and bring the veneer with you to the office. We might be able to re-attach it.

If your porcelain veneer is lost or damaged beyond usability, replacing it is no problem at all. Dr. Marshall will be happy to bond a new porcelain veneer to the appropriate tooth.

If you’re a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania resident considering porcelain veneers, please contact Dr. Lindsey Marshall, DMD, to arrange a consultation.

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