Porcelain Veneers: The Reasons we Love Them

veneersFor many people, cosmetic dentistry involves treatment no more complex than teeth whitening. As a graduate of Harvard school of dental medicine and the esteemed Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, Dr. Marshall recognizes the value of meticulous cosmetic care. In our Ardmore dental office, patients can discover the ideal solution to concerns that extend beyond discoloration. We are talking about porcelain veneers, and we are excited to share the various reasons why we love them.

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

  • Conservative technique. Veneers differ from porcelain crowns, which used to be a common cosmetic improvement, in that they cover only the front surface of teeth. A crown, on the other hand must fit over the entire tooth. To accommodate a dental crown, it is necessary to reduce the tooth substantially. With veneers, reduction is minimal and reserved only for the anterior areas.
  • Versatility. Because porcelain veneers can be manufactured to any desired shade, shape, or size, this treatment technique is one of the most versatile in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Marshall can design a veneer to give the illusion of straightness, to close the gap, and even to change the apparent size of a tooth.
  • Authenticity. The whole idea of cosmetic dental treatment is to draw out the most attractive aspects of your smile. It is for this reason that we prefer using porcelain to mask cosmetic flaws. Dental porcelain is durable enough to last for several years with appropriate care, and it is also very much like enamel in the way it reflects light.
  • Effectiveness. The porcelain veneer process is performed with meticulous technique. The goal is not only to achieve a lifelike aesthetic; it is also to attain results that can last many years. By bonding veneers, not just adhering them with dental cement, this is made possible.
  • Easy maintenance. There are only a few changes that are needed to ensure longevity in veneer treatment. First, avoid biting and chewing hard objects. The tensile strength of bonded veneers is only so resilient against twisting motions. Second, take care to brush veneers with non-abrasive products. Also, your hygienist should be made aware that you have veneers before performing cleanings.

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