Is a Smile Makeover in Your Future?

Smile Makeover Ardmore PAEvery day, when you brush and floss your teeth, there is an opportunity to look in the mirror. Do you take it? Does the appearance of your smile make you want to observe it? Share it with others? If it doesn’t, you may have wondered about the potential of a smile makeover. This term, usually perceived as a description of major dental work, can create a smile that accurately reflects who you are. This doesn’t have to mean months of treatment to reconstruct everything about your smile; it just means that your teeth are given the undivided attention they need to look amazing.

In our Ardmore dental office, we perform smile makeover services frequently. That means we see the balance of apprehension and excitement that a patient may feel about their cosmetic process. On the one hand, there is the possibility of a beautiful smile and the confidence it brings. On the other hand, there is an investment into treatments that may not be covered by insurance.

Let’s Tackle the Perception of a Smile Makeover

To believe that a smile makeover would be extraordinarily costly could take you out of the running for a winning smile. It’s true that cosmetic dentistry comes at an expense – but that doesn’t mean expensive. Don’t count yourself out too soon. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Marshall to discuss what you do and don’t like about your smile. During this visit is when you can discover the steps it would take to give you a smile that is fully and authentically you. In addition to gaining valuable information regarding proposed treatment, a cosmetic consultation can also open doors to financing options that allow you to get the results you want faster than you may have imagined. The bottom line about the cost of a smile makeover is that budgeting is in your hands. We work with you to create the smoothest transition into a great smile.

About That . . .

It would be a detriment to peace of mind to focus on the perceived cost of a smile makeover, because, ultimately, the reward is far greater than the investment. Cosmetic dental treatment can brighten your smile; it can straighten your teeth or make them appear longer. Whatever the physical result is a smile makeover, it is the emotional result that speaks the loudest.

One of the reasons we love performing cosmetic dentistry services is because we see how it lights our patients up. Not from their teeth, but from the inside out. When your smile reflects your truest self, you go through the world in a more confident manner, and that might just be the biggest benefit of a smile makeover.

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