How to make teeth whitening work for you!

The teeth are built with three layers, including the outer enamel, dentin, and pulp cavity. The dentin, not the enamel, is what gives teeth their natural color. This color may vary from off-white to a yellow appearance, depending on factors such as genetics. Patients who have other factors working against them, such as their lifestyle, age, and the foods and beverages they regularly enjoy, may find that discoloration becomes even more noticeable with time because of unwanted staining. Dr. Lindsey Marshall works routinely with patients in the Ardmore, PA area who have complaints of discoloration and staining that impact the appearance of their smile. Below are some recommendations to ensure teeth whitening works for you! 

  • Know if you are a candidate. Professional teeth whitening options are far more effective than over-the-counter whitening products available at a local drugstore. Patients should consult with Dr. Lindsey Marshall to determine if they are a proper candidate for either the in-office power bleaching or the take-home whitening kits available at her facility.
  • Pick the whitening treatment best for you. Some patients want a more economical solution and gradual enhancement, while others want same-day results. Knowing what treatments are available and how they work can help patients choose the best treatment for their current situation and lifestyle.
  • Maintain results with regular treatments. Patients who are serious about achieving and maintaining a whiter smile are encouraged to have these procedures performed regularly as a way to touch-up and keep the results. This is incredibly important for patients who have dental restorations that are placed and match their whiter smile, as these can become more obvious if the rest of the smile darkens.
  • Practice proper oral hygiene. Patients should always brush and floss their teeth after every meal to extend the longevity of their whitening results.
  • Avoid foods and beverages that are known to stain teeth. These include red wines, coffee, tea, and chocolate. Consume in moderation and brush immediately after to reduce the likelihood of discoloration.

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Tooth discoloration can be inevitable, but working with a dentist to discuss proper teeth whitening services assists in achieving and maintaining a bright, healthy, and beautiful smile. Visit Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team in Ardmore, PA to discuss your options. Call (610) 649-0696 to request an appointment at her facility, conveniently located at 32 Parking Plaza, Ste. #800 in Suburban Square.

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