Is OTC Teeth Whitening Cheaper Than Professional Treatment?

Professional Tooth Whitening is an effective investment for your smileLike any investment, people considering cosmetic dentistry want to get the biggest benefit for their smile at a price that is well within their budget. When patients visit Dr. Lindsey Marshall at her Ardmore office, many of them find that the dramatic advantages of professional tooth whitening far exceed any extra cost.

Over the counter tooth whitening systems you can buy at the local pharmacy do cost less than chairside treatment at a dentist’s office. However, an old adage often applies to these products: “You get what you pay for.”

Though some patients see the improvement they want after using a store-bought option, OTC tooth whitening also has notable disadvantages, including:

  • Trays are one-size-fits-all, not customized to the unique shape of your teeth
  • Uniform size and shape can leave gums exposed to whitening solution, causing irritation
  • OTC products can aggravate sensitive teeth
  • Treatment can’t be customized to a particular shade, potentially leading to unnatural results

If you’ve tried OTC teeth whitening and you were dissatisfied with the outcome, affordable professional treatment might be the answer. Our Zoom! tooth whitening system is an effective, customizable solution for bringing out the brightness in your smile.

Once you’ve undergone a whitening session at our office in Ardmore, Dr. Marshall can discuss whether you might benefit from professional at-home whitening. Zoom! take-home treatments maintain the convenience of OTC products without losing the quality of treatment you enjoyed during your visit.

To learn more about the benefits and affordability of tooth whitening in Ardmore and other communities in Pennsylvania’s Main Line, please contact Lindsey Marshall, DMD, or call (610) 649-0696 today.

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