Keep Those Teeth Pearly White Even With Fall Treats!

With the fall on approach, all of the sudden everything to drink or eat seems to have the words “pumpkin spice” in them. While all of those treats may be delectable, they can also wreak havoc on the color of your teeth. So, how can you possibly keep them clean and white during such a tempting season? Our Main Line dentist, Dr. Lindsey Marshall, has some great tips for enjoying your pumpkin spice latte, but keeping your teeth pearly white.

So, while you’re going to reach for a few spiced coffee drinks this fall, we recommend limiting it to one per day. After your drink, if you can swish your mouth with water, it will help to remove some of the coffee from your teeth. You can also opt for drinking through a straw in order to keep much of the coffee from even coming into contact with the front of your teeth.

Reaching for a piece of that delicious, cinnamon coffee cake isn’t going to ruin your teeth, but there are steps you can take to keep them as healthy as possible. After having that sugary delight, if you’re able to, brush your teeth to remove sugar granules. If that’s not possible, at least swish your mouth and maybe pop some sugar-free gum.

Any of these options can help keep your teeth healthy and clean, but if you feel as though your dental health needs a check, please schedule a consultation. We can also schedule you for affordable teeth-whitening treatments in order to bring your teeth back to the luster that you remember.

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