Review Finds Home-Use Tooth Whiteners Have Short-Term Effectiveness

A systematic review from the Cochran Collaboration has found that home use teeth whitening kits have short-term effectiveness. In the review, the Cochran Collaboration – an international nonprofit organization devoted to developing evidence-based systematic reviews on health care interventions – cited research analyzing 25 studies on the efficacy of both over-the-counter and dentist-dispensed home whitening kits after two or more weeks of application.

While long-term side-effects were not reviewed, the Cochran Collaboration and the American Dental Association both caution that at-home whiteners have a known risk of mild to moderate tooth sensitivity along with gingival irritation.

Professional Solutions

Ardmore cosmetic Dr. Lindsey Marshall believes our patients deserve sparkling white teeth with minimal risk of sensitivity. What’s more, she believes that teeth whitening results should be long-lasting. To accomplish these goals, Dr. Marshall offers the Zoom! tooth whitening system, a comfortable in-office treatment that can whiten your teeth up to ten shades in just one hour.

Dr. Marshall also offers take home kits, but may recommend them as a supplement to your in-office treatment as opposed to a stand-alone option. This is best determined during your initial Ardmore tooth whitening consultation.

To learn more about your tooth whitening options in Ardmore, Main Line, or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, please contact Lindsey Marshall, DMD to schedule an initial consultation today.

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