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You wouldn’t agree to build a new house without seeing the renderings, and today, probably a 3D digital walk-through simulation. The same is true of most aesthetic procedures. Most surgeons have rendering software that allows the patient to see what the changes will look like long before their actual surgery.

Dr. Marshall has added that capability to her practice. It’s called Digital Smile Design, and it allows both you and Dr. Marshall to plan the cosmetic changes to your smile and then see what those changes will look like through digital simulation. Dr. Marshall is excited to add this capability to her practice, as it helps patients feel less trepidation about what their cosmetic procedures will look like — now they can see the changes beforehand.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Similar to that architect making a digital rendering of your proposed new house, Digital Smile Design is a comprehensive computerized imaging and modeling system that allows patients to see exactly what a proposed cosmetic dental treatment will look like before they even sit in the chair. Dr. Marshall can now show the patient exactly what a procedure such as the application of porcelain veneers or a smile makeover will look like in high-definition digital simulation.

Advantages of Digital Smile Design

In the past, patients have had to trust their dentist to tell them how a cosmetic dental procedure will appear afterwards. Sure, they could look at before and after photos of other people. But the question always was — what will the changes look like on my unique smile and face? Digital Smile Design makes the patient an active participant in the planning of proposed improvements to their smile.

Dr. Marshall’s Digital Smile Design creates a highly detailed cosmetic diagnosis of areas that could be improved with cosmetic procedures. Then she creates impressions and digital images to show you exactly how those changes will look on your face and smile. From there, she makes adjustments based on what you want. There are no surprises with Digital Smile Design, and that’s good for everyone.

The Digital Smile Design Procedure

Here are the steps involved in the Digital Smile Design process:

Step 1 — We take a series of six digital photos of your teeth, face, and mouth from different angles, such as straight on with the cheeks and lips retracted, in profile with mouth closed and smiling, etc.

Step 2 — Dr. Marshall reviews your photos with you. Then she proposes cosmetic changes that could be made, and can demonstrate them utilizing the system’s imaging software.

Step 3 — Once you agree on the cosmetic changes you’d like, a full digital simulation of your smile after your proposed treatments is rendered.

Step 4 — We take full impressions of your teeth to be used to translate the digital design into a physical model.

Step 5 — We create a resin model to see how your modeled treatments fit your teeth and your needs.

What To Expect From Digital Smile Design

It’s nice to know exactly what you will get before you spend time or money on a procedure. That’s what Dr. Marshall loves about her Digital Smile Design system. Together, Dr. Marshall and you can look at different improvements through simulation. Then the two of you can plan out the course of treatment. But before you actually sit down to start a procedure, you’ve already seen a detailed, incredibly accurate representation of what your cosmetic dental improvements will look like. Indeed, thanks to Digital Smile Design, what you see is exactly what you get.

Patient Review

Professional, focused and patient…that sums up the entire staff. Unlike most dentists, everyone in this office is thoroughly trained and competent in making an unpleasant task into a comfortable experience that starts and finishes on time.

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