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Would you like a smile improvement for specific defects in your front teeth?

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Porcelain veneers can be a quick and effective way to accomplish that. They provide new front surfaces for visible teeth, covering small defects that do not need separate dental work.

There are many brands of porcelain veneers, not all of which are of the same caliber. Philadelphia cosmetic dentist Dr. Marshall has chosen two of the best for use in her dental office. Each offers slightly different benefits.

Empress and Emax Veneers

Dr. Marshall uses Empress and Emax veneers, offered by Ivoclar Vivadent, because she finds them to be stronger and the most beautiful compound to other brands. They are made from dental ceramic pressed and layered with tiny leucite crystals. Leucite is a mineral (KalSi2O6) that belongs to the feldspathic group. Its name comes from the Greek word for “white.”

Being very thin, Empress and Emax veneers require removal of very little enamel.


Lumineers are manufactured by Den-Mat Corp. and are thinner than all other brands of veneers. Being extra-thin, they require removal of even less tooth enamel than other brands – so little that it does not affect the tooth’s appearance. In many cases, no enamel at all is removed, and the tooth’s surface is merely buffed a little to make a stronger bond with the Lumineers.

Regardless of which veneer brand is used, porcelain veneers must be done well by a properly-qualified cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Marshall. To make your veneers durable and visually appealing, Dr. Marshall considers several personal factors:

  • Your facial shape
  • Your lip movement when you smile or laugh
  • The degree of gum tissue visibility
  • Your overall coloring

You can read more about Porcelain Veneers here.

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