Dental Bridges

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What are Dental Bridges?

Do you have any missing teeth? Dental bridges are one way to fill the space left by lost teeth. If the gap is left open, the surrounding teeth will no longer have the support of neighboring teeth and will gradually drift into the gap, potentially causing a problem with your bite. Also, the gum tissue will slowly sink into the jawbone gap left by the lost tooth root and there will be less tissue to surround a replacement tooth later on.

At her Philadelphia cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Lindsey Marshall can design and place the right type of bridge for your individual situation. We are a metal-free office, so the bridges we can make for you will contain no metal.

Before and After Dental Bridge

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Placement of a Dental Bridge

Dr. Marshall will first prepare the two teeth on either side of the gap by reducing their size a little. This makes space for the porcelain crowns she will place over them to hold attachments for the bridge. After reducing their size, she will take photographs and an impression of the area.

Dr. Marshall will send all necessary data to her dental laboratory where your two crowns and replacement tooth will be made. The bridging apparatus that connects all three together is metal-free.

At her Philadelphia cosmetic dentistry office, Dr. Marshall draws on her experience and artistic skill to provide you with the most natural looking dental restorations possible. To learn about dental bridges and other restorations, please contact our office today at (610) 649-0696. Also serving Main Line and Ardmore.

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