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What Are Single Visit Crowns?

In the past, a dental crown has required two visits to the dentist: one to prepare the tooth, make a mold and place a temporary dental crown, and a second visit to place the permanent, custom-made crown. Now, thanks to CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), it is possible to have crowns placed in a single visit. Dr. Lindsey Marshall uses CEREC to make dental restorations easier, faster and more comfortable for all of her patients.

How Do CEREC Dental Crowns Work?

Traditionally, when a dental crown is placed, the dentist makes a mold of your tooth. This mold is sent away to a laboratory where the permanent crown is constructed to exactly match the original contours of the tooth. This takes a few days, leaving you with a temporary crown and the necessity of returning to the dentist to have the permanent crown placed.

With CEREC, Dr. Marshall takes very precise measurements of your tooth and enters these measurements into the CEREC system. A porcelain “blank” is then milled to match the contours of your tooth without having to send a mold or measurements to an offsite lab. When the restoration is finished, Dr. Marshall can place it immediately, make any necessary alterations, bond the restoration and send you on your way with a new, perfectly contoured tooth crown.

Advantages of Porcelain Crowns

The CEREC system produces porcelain crowns, not the gold or silver crowns that have been common in the past. In addition to the advantages of being produced in our office, porcelain crowns provide other benefits such as:

  • Color-matched to your natural teeth
  • No temperature sensitivity like metal crowns
  • Bonded directly to the tooth, making the tooth stronger

All the restoration work Dr. Marshall does is metal-free, taking advantage not only of CEREC technology but also the many benefits porcelain crowns offer for your comfort, health and overall appearance.

How Long Do CEREC Crowns Take To Create?

Only one appointment is required for the creation and placement of CEREC crowns, and the appointment only takes about 30 minutes! Dr. Marshall will prepare your teeth and create the crowns in her office using the CEREC technology. Crowns created with CEREC only take about 20 minutes or less to create, allowing Dr. Marshall to prepare, create, and place your crowns in around 30 minutes total.

What Makes CEREC Restoration Different Than Conventional Crowns?

Because the CEREC system allows the crowns to be created and placed in just one dental visit, this eliminates the need for several visits to the office as other procedures require. Because the CEREC system is on-site, it allows Dr. Marshall to oversee the entire process and have complete control. This system also eliminates the need for a patient to wear a temporary crown and allows them to enjoy their new smile right away.

Do CEREC Single Visit Crowns Require Special Care?

CEREC crowns don’t require any specific care other than general, proper oral hygiene. You should treat your crowns as you would your normal, healthy teeth by continuing to brush and floss. This will not only increase the longevity of the crown but promote overall dental health.

For more information about the CEREC system and how it can provide a quick, durable tooth crown restoration, please contact Dr. Lindsey Marshall’s Ardmore, Pennsylvania cosmetic dentistry offices at (610) 649-0696. We happily welcome all dental crown patients from Philadelphia, Ardmore, and Main Line.

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