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What is periodontics?

It is the study of conditions and diseases that affect the supporting structures of the teeth. Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her dental team emphasize the importance of taking preventative measures to maintain the structural health of your teeth and gums, and thus prevent gum disease.

Factors Contributing to Periodontal Disease

Poor dental hygiene is not the only cause of gum disease, although it is a common one. Other causes include:

Jaw clenching or grinding the teeth – these habits gradually wear down the tooth enamel for better bacterial access.

Other medical conditions that affect the mouth – for example, acid reflux disease, where stomach acid backs up in the esophagus and into the mouth.

Changes in hormones or metabolism – that harm the mouth.

Lack of saliva due to certain medications – saliva continually bathes the teeth, removing bacteria which are then swallowed and destroyed by stomach acid.

A head injury – that might loosen teeth or cut the gums and allow bacteria to enter.

Not every dentist offers periodontic services – some may refer you to a colleague who has more training and experience. Dr. Marshall is qualified to perform periodontic treatment as part of her general and cosmetic dentistry practice. She also has LVI training in neuromuscular dentistry and can assess whether or not jaw clenching or tooth grinding have contributed to your periodontal disease.

Periodontal Therapies

A series of appointments customized to a patient’s individual needs, designed to eradicate periodontal diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis. During each appointment, our hygienists instruct patients on the proper way to prevent periodontal disease at home, providing a personalized home care routine, which is crucial to treating disease.

Dr. Marshall’s dental philosophy is focused on prevention. Her first priority is to catch problems early when treatment is quick and easy. If a problem has already progressed to a more serious stage, her priority is to preserve as much healthy tooth and gum tissue as possible.

It is never too late to begin practicing good dental hygiene on a regular basis. To schedule a periodontic consultation with Dr. Marshall, please contact our Main Line of Philadelphia dental office today at (610) 649-0696.

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