Are you considering composite resin bonding over porcelain veneers?

Dental bondingThe popularity of cosmetic dentistry continues to grow each year, as patients learn how attainable dental work can be. Many patients want to achieve a healthy smile, but may also want to address imperfections that are impacting the appearance of their teeth and gums. Two common dental procedures that are performed by our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lindsey Marshall, include porcelain veneers and composite resin bonding. Both treatments are desirable by our patients because they allow individuals to address a wide range of cosmetic flaws in the smile. Each option has their own positive and negative aspects that patients need to consider before moving forward with their treatment. Ardmore, PA patients may want to learn about each option before deciding what is best for their unique needs.

Dental bonding

Dr. Lindsey Marshall describes dental bonding, or composite resin bonding, as a procedure that is suited for small and minor cosmetic repairs. Dental bonding ensures patients can maintain as much of their natural tooth enamel as possible, and can provide results in just one visit. It is highly affordable, and can easily be replaced if chipped, stained, or damaged. However, dental bonding is not desirable for patients who need extensive dental repairs, or want a long-term solution, as this material is not meant to last as long as porcelain restorations.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are restorations that are made as thin facings bonded onto the front of a tooth. It can address a wide range of dental concerns, including chipped, stained, broken, or gapped teeth. Porcelain veneers are highly desirable for patients who need extensive improvements to their smile and want a solution that will last many years. Porcelain veneers are not susceptible to staining as composite resin can be, and requires minimal care and attention. However, veneers do require the dentist to remove a more substantial amount of enamel from the natural tooth. This treatment is also more costly than composite resin bonding, and requires several appointments to achieve the finished results.

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