Questions to Ask Before Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Ardmore PAIt isn’t difficult to see why teeth whitening is such a popular cosmetic treatment. Multiple surveys have revealed why approximately 80% of adults express a desire for a brighter, whiter smile. When observing images of people with beautiful, white teeth, survey participants used words like “successful,” “outgoing,” and “trustworthy” to describe their opinion of those whom they were viewing. Conversely, people with discolored teeth were thought to be unfriendly, older, even lazy. Findings like these could make just about anyone want to whiten their teeth.

Patients who visit our office near Philadelphia can obtain professional teeth whitening services that suit their preferences. We can perform treatment right here in the office or take impressions to make custom-fit whitening trays that can be used at home. Whichever method may appeal most to you, we suggest asking a few questions as you move forward toward your most attractive smile.

Will Whitening Do the Trick?

Ultimately, people get their teeth whitened because they want to love their smile. The results obtained from the mild bleaching process may perfectly meet expectations when there are no other cosmetic imperfections that cause frustration. If you are also concerned with characteristics such as a slightly turned tooth or odd shapes, teeth whitening may not do the trick for you. When multiple concerns coexist, treatment like porcelain veneers may be ideal because this process can correct several issues at once.

Will Whitening Work?

One of the reasons why so many professional whitening treatments are performed each year is because this method is safe, convenient, and effective. However, teeth whitening doesn’t work for every patient because not all types of discoloration can be lifted with peroxide. Sometimes, teeth appear darker and yellow because enamel is thin and the pigment of dentin affects overall shading. This situation is similar to having multiple concerns; shade-correction may need to involve covering teeth with porcelain veneers.

What Maintenance is Involved?

The fact that teeth need to be whitened in the first place indicates that enamel can be stained. This doesn’t change after professional teeth whitening treatment. How quickly discoloration recurs depends on tooth structure and also on lifestyle. For example, teeth may dull within a few months after treatment when there is a smoking habit, or when one spends his morning sipping coffee. Specific strategies can prolong the results of teeth whitening. Also, treatment can be repeated when necessary.

We can help you get the radiant smile you want. Contact our office online or call (610) 649-0696 to schedule your visit.

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